Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation help with brain-related cases not involving brain injury?

No. The Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation focuses on helping children who have sustained traumatic and acquired brain injury to access HBOT and benefit from these treatments.

Regretfully, our resources are limited, therefore we are unable to provide assistance for people suffering from degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or brain diseases at birth such as Cerebral Palsy for instance.


Why do some brain injuries get referred to as TBI versus ABI? 

‘TBI’ is short for Traumatic Brain Injury which may be caused by:
Motor vehicle traffic accidents
Struck by or struck against a moving or stationary object
Sport related accidents (skiing, ice-skating, skate-boarding, biking..etc)
Falls and slips
Assaults with fire arms or knife or other physical violence

‘ABI’ refers to an Acquired Brain Injury (also called Non-Traumatic Brain Injury). 
Causes of ABI include:
Ischemic stroke
Arterovenous Malformation > hemorrhagic stroke
Aneurism > hemorrhagic stroke
Heart attack
Vascular disruption
Intracranial Tumor
Seizure disorders
Airway obstruction
Electrical shock
Lightening strike
Blood loss
Artery impingement
Toxic exposures to chemical and gases
…and more


Do I need a doctor’s referral to get HBOT treatments?

You don’t need a referral from your doctor to get support from us and/or receive Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy. A professional connected with the HBOT Centre will assess potential candidates for our funding support (see below).

How do I start the process of accessing the support of The Michael Coss Brain Injury Fund?                                             What do I need to do?

Firstly, please contact us and tell us about your story and how/why The Michael Coss Brain Injury Fund could help you. After a first evaluation based on your case, you would be assessed by a professional in one of the HBOT clinics we are partnering with to make sure you are a good candidate for this type of treatment.

Do you accept young children for HBOT treatments?

Absolutely! Children from a few months old up to 19 years of age, who have sustained a traumatic brain injury or an acquired brain injury, are very good candidates for HBOT. They should start treatments as soon as possible while their brain is still growing.

Can I still benefit from HBOT treatment if my brain injury occurred years ago?

Yes. It has been proven that HBOT treatments can significantly improve the quality of life of those who are suffering from brain damage that occurred many years previous.

How can The Michael Coss Brain Injury Fund help me?

If the HBOT team we partner with determines that you are a good candidate for HBOT treatments, our team will make a request to the Fund on your behalf. We will ask that the Michael Coss Brain Injury Fund (managed by the Coquitlam Foundation) to cover the cost of the initial 40 HBOT treatments.

If I’m living far from the clinic, will you pay for my transportation and my stay?

No. Our mission is to help those who don’t have the means by paying for the cost of the treatments. Another part of our work is to find and partner with clinics offering such treatments (within easy access). Most clinics are located in the lower mainland. If you live far from the nearest clinic that works with us and you have to travel everyday for your treatments, transportation costs will be of your responsbility.

You say that your mission is to help those who don’t have the means. How do you determine who can or cannot receive financial assistance for HBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy can be costly depending on each brain injury survivor’s case, therefore it makes it out of reach of most people who simply cannot financially afford to pay for it. We want to give a chance for these children to live a better quality of life and at the same time help families in their everyday’s lives.
Determining those who are the right candidates for HBOT and who are the right candidates financially speaking, this will be part of the whole assessment.

I want to donate, but will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

If you wish to support the Treatment for Children Program and wish to have a tax receipt, we suggest you make your donation payable to the ”Coquitlam Foundation: Michael Coss Brain Injury FUND”.

We have created the Michael Coss Brain Injury FUND, in partnership with the Coquitlam Foundation (which is a registered charity) specifically so that donations go to a registered charity and thus the Coquitlam Foundation can issue a tax receipt for any donations over $20 (Canadian fund).

The Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation is just as official (we are registered as a society under the Society Act of British Columbia) but we have not yet received charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency. However, through our partnership with the Coquitlam Foundation, donors to the “Coquitlam Foundation: Michael Coss Brain Injury FUND” may receive tax receipts.

Given the time and cost required to pursue registered charitable status, we have found that working with the experts at our local community foundation lets us focus on helping children. It is for just this reason that many communities start community foundations such as the Coquitlam Foundation!  The Coquitlam Foundation is our local community foundation and part of the Community Foundations of Canada. For more information about the Coquitlam Foundation, please visit their website (www.coquitlamfoundation.com).

What is the business number for the Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation?

MCBI Foundation Business number: 80170 0295 BC0001